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The ViabilityNet program connects and supports individuals and non-profit organizations committed to strengthening civil society in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Our vision for the countries of the region is a society in which people participate in the governance of public affairs. Accepting their share of responsibility for public affairs governance, citizens articulate their opinions and invest their time and other resources to advocate their positions. People believe that they can help shape public affairs and are capable of making themselves heard when important issues are being addressed. Our vision is a society that uses dialogue as a means to discuss and accommodate public interest.

Outcomes of the first phase of the program include five new innovative programs and services that will strengthen civil society in five countries of the region: LeadershipAid (Nadace VIA, Czech Republic), Deliberation Forum (PDCS, Slovakia), Project Market (NIOK, Hungary), NGO Development Webinars (BCNL, Bulgaria) and Philanthropy Consultations for Individual Donors (ARC, Romania).

“We gave ourselves enough time to look at our organization from a distance and from different perspectives. That really helped us. We decided to slow down a bit and share information between program teams more, and to be more in touch with what’s happening outside of ARC in Romania and abroad.”
Dana Pirtoc, Executive Director, ARC Romania

ViabilityNet 2.0 is a second phase of the program that will offer space to reflect, connect and grow together to promising community leaders from the region. It will also provide them with financial resources for projects that focus on building the power of their communities. The overall aim of ViabilityNet 2.0 is to promote engagement within communities through support of inspiring & inclusive leadership.

The program benefits from the generous support of Charles Stuart Mott Foundation.

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