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Academy of Social Entrepreneurship

In 2010 The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation initiated a non-profit sector development project in Central and Eastern Europe. It selected the VIA Foundation as its partner and we prepared the specifications of an international cooperation program that is entitled ViabilityNet. The program will create a network of five similarly-focused organizations that strive to strengthen the organizational and program capacity of non-profits in their countries over the long-term. Each organization will also work on its own development and create a product for other non-profits in their country.

This network will also connect experienced professionals in the non-profit sector. Aside from exchanges of professional experiences, summary reports mapping the challenges and potential responses to issues facing the non-profit sector in this region will be an important part of the program. VIA will be both coordinator of the program and a program participant.

The other 4 program participants will be:

  • Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia
  • NIOK (Hungary)
  • ARC (Romania)
  • Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law

For more information on the program, please visit this website:

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