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East-East Initiative

Strengthening Democracy

East-East Initiative

The Via Foundation works to export lessons learned since the fall of communism to help strengthen democracy in nations in political and/or social transition. Since, we at Via have lived through the difficulties facing non-profit organizations in a transitional nation, we are in a position to help other organizations in similar circumstances.

By partnering with non-profit organizations on a local level in transitional nations, the Via Foundation assists the development of democracy through encouraging the active involvement of individuals in communities.

We view this work as our responsibility. As we benefited from the wisdom of international organizations in the Czech transition from communism to democracy, we honor the opportunity to do the same.

The work in strengthening democracy focuses on creating means for local non-profit organizations to more effectively address community needs. This primarily includes consultation and training on improving organizational structure, the utilization of more efficient and transparent accounting practices, establishing a diversified fundraising plan, and working to improve the efficiency of organization programs.

Via’s consulting activities stress the creation of a concrete plan of action: one that can feasibly be implemented as well as one that can guarantee both a higher level of success and a path toward long term self-sustainability.


Balkan Community Initiatives Fund, Serbia

As a partner in the Czech Foreign Ministry’s Transformation Cooperation program, Via worked with the Balkan Community Initiatives Fund (BCIF) headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia. BCIF provides small grants to nonprofit organizations throughout Serbia and Montenegro to help build vibrant, stable communities. BCIF works to shed the legacy of the years of conflict in the former Yugoslavia through the empowerment of individuals and the encouragement of cooperation on the local level. We have worked with BCIF on several projects regarding Corporate social responsibility and philantrophy development and organizational development of Serbian NGOs.

For more information on the Balkan Community Initiatives Fund, please visit their website at

For more information on the Czech Foreign Ministry’s Transformation Cooperation program, please visit

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