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Guide to Pitfalls in the Nonprofit Sector

Guide to Pitfalls in the Nonprofit Sector

Training courses for non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic are nothing unusual. But they are predominantly focused on professional skill development for employees in organizations that are already up and running. Logically these courses tend to be specialized and fee-based, which leaves small, local, often volunteer-run organizations and active individuals in a difficult situation. It was primarily for these organizations that we developed a cycle of workshops that offers a sort of variable guide to help them navigate , with greater ease through the intricate nooks and crannies of non-profit sector fundamentals (e.g. fundraising, public participation, legal requirements, etc).

Jablonné v Podještědí - My View from Jablonné

project The St. Zdislav Center, a civic association in Jablonne v Podještědi, developed the project My View from Jablonne to improve relationships in the community and people’s perception of public space. (...more)

katastr obce Slatinky, okres Prostějov - Kosíř Fruit Orchards

project The Czech Union of Nature Preservationists (ČSOP) Iris regional association engages the public and school groups in events such as Earth Day. It also cares for more than 20 protected natural areas and 15 localities with natural-value status. (...more)

Mikulov - Revitalization of Lázenské náměstí in Mikulov

project In 2012, two young landscape architects led neighbors in revitalization of Lázenské náměstí in Mikulov. This public square had been one hub of the local Jewish community up until WWII and includes the traditional mikva baths. (...more)
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