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CEE Trust

CEE Trust

The Via Foundation was a regional partner of the CEE Trust since 2002, responsible for operating the program in the Czech Republic. Working in cooperation with our local partners – the Open Society Fund Prague, the Civil Society Development Foundation, the Environmental Partnership Foundation, the Jan Hus Educational Foundation, and the Donors Forum – we have been carrying out the mission of the CEE Trust over the past four years, distributing more than 180 grants totaling CZK 70 million.

Praha - Wheelchair Users at Plechárna


Organization: Prague Wheelchair Sports Club, City: Prague, Region: Prague

When Prague 14 Cultural opened the Plechárna community center in the ČernýMosthousing estate, the Prague Wheelchair Sports Club decided to offer sporting activities to local wheelchair users in the Plechárna center’sgym.


Praha 5 - Cooks without a Home

project The Prague-based non-profit organization Homelike, o. p. s. strives to connect two seemingly segregated groups of people: homeless people and the rest of the public. (...more)

Nové Hrady - “Equipping the Cuknštejn Fort Volunteer Center,” implemented by the Cuknštejn Civic Association.

project A half kilometer past the village of Svûtví through the Terãino Valley Park, you will discover the Cuknštejn Fort perched on a small hill above the Stropnice River. Although now accessible only by foot, this 15th century structure was almost continually inhabited for over 400 years. Following World War II, the Fort was deserted, forgotten by all but local residents, and fell into disrepair. (...more)

Ondřejov - “Reconstruction of the CAS 25 Fire Engine,” a project implemented by the Turkovice Volunteer Fire Brigade.

project The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Turkovice has twenty members and responds to several dozen emergencies each year. Each firefighter routinely puts his or her life at risk to help others in need – and this with no compensation other than pride in serving their community. Despite their exemplary record and the gratitude of local residents, those that answer the calls of help faced an emergency of their own: the Turkovice Fire Brigade’s ability to protect their community was endangered by the dilapidated state of their sole fire engine. (...more)
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