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Supporting Non-Profits

Supporting Non-Profits

The Via Foundation is one of the few foundations in the Czech Republic which combines financial assistance with educational programs for non-profit organizations.

Non-profit organizations are an essential part of a democratic society: they act as catalysts and mediators, connecting citizens to important issues of public interest. For this reason, it is vital to help them acquire the needed skills and financial security for their work. Our support extends beyond grant provision, emphasizing the application of a combination of assistance tools, which have become the Via Foundation’s trademark. Our programs concurrently provide non-profits with training, professional assistance and the opportunity to apply for grants, which allow them to immediately apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

We focus our support on the organizational development of non-profit organizations. In other words, we give organizations the tools to grow into a self-sustaining organization that can better meet the needs of its community. We also implement activities and programs that work towards building a favorable environment for the non-profit sector in the Czech Republic and in central and eastern Europe.

Via's School of Thought:
Capacity Building and Organizational Development

Our view of civil society:

  • We see civil society as independent private space for civic initiative.
  • We share the vision of NGOs as independent entities in civil society.
  • We believe that the coexistence of the community and NGOs that cooperate within it is symbiotic - NGOs respond adequately to the needs of the community which offers them financial and non-financial resources and opportunities (for example, social capital).
  • We emphasize private giving, volunteer work, and the direct participation of local residents for improving the quality of life in communities (in contrast to those who instead rely only upon state or EU resources).

Our goals in assisting the development and growth of NGOs:

  • We believe in long term sustainability through planned and guided organizational development, even with a small inconvenience.
    • Even with the best plan, NGOs must flexibly react to current situations, challenges, and development opportunities - organizations with clear long-term targets and goals have a much better chance to succeed.
    • Organizational development cannot be solved at once, it is rather sum of processes that leads to a progressive, continuous, and self-sustainable condition .
  • We believe in delivering efficient and tailored help which includes a combination of grantmaking, education, and assistance to address the organizational development needs of the NGO.
  • We respect the individual experience and unique situation of each NGO/client. We really care of the organizations/clients. We strive to understand the situation of each organization without preconceived notions or bias. We believe that there is no predetermined outcome; each organization can reach balanced development.
  • We respect the ability of each organization to find its own way. We believe that organizations know themselves best, can best determine their own direction, and can realize their ability to reach their goals with our help. We create a safe framework for these processes.
  • We use a holistic approach to our work. We assist the organization to remedy more than just the originally identified issues: we study the situation throughout the organization to ensure that the assistance we offer addresses all aspects of the organization's current and future growth, as the whole is more than the sum of its parts. (The wave taken out of the ocean into the swimming pool istn´t the same wave anymore.) .
  • We are inspired by the British and American models of a functioning and developed civil society.
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