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Giving possibility to a child does not only influence one town, one city, one community. Creating possibility for one child can influence an entire lifetime without regard to borders, nationality, or language. By giving an opportunity to a child, you provide a path to the world. The Via Foundation supports local initiatives giving such opportunities to children in communities throughout the Czech Republic; communities that need your support to open the doors to possibility.

Our focus is to assist those groups working on the local level as they identify and meet the diverse needs of children in their own community. A child growing up among the coal-dusted panelaks of Most does not face the same challenges as another growing up in the hills under the Nízký Jeseník Mountains in Moravia. Individualized projects based upon the needs of one community simply have a stronger possibility of creating a true positive influence on a child. With the generosity of donors like you, the Via Foundation supports these organizations working to meet needs locally.

To support Via’s Environmental Program, please click on “Donate Now” and type “Youth” in the Designation Field.

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