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Supported projects

Praha - Wheelchair Users at Plechárna


Organization: Prague Wheelchair Sports Club, City: Prague, Region: Prague

When Prague 14 Cultural opened the Plechárna community center in the ČernýMosthousing estate, the Prague Wheelchair Sports Club decided to offer sporting activities to local wheelchair users in the Plechárna center’sgym.


Klimkovice - Memory of Klimkovice - A Smile for a Chapel

project A group of citizens in the town of Klimkovice decided to improve their community by beautifying a site which is an eyesore, despite the fact that many residents walk through it every day. (...more)

Všemily - Civic association for Preservation and Conservation of Dolský mlýn Cultural Monuments - Reconstruction of the Central Cross at the Cemetery in Všemily

We supported residents of Všemily with a grant for restoration of a central cross in the local cemetery, which was neglected and fell into disrepair after World War II. They have been working on general cemetery clean up and gravestone revitalization. (...more)

Tři sekery - Municipality of Tři Sekery – Revitalization of a Statue of St. John Nepomuk

project The municipality of Tři Sekery provides funding for restoration of the area surrounding the statue of St. John Nepomuk. The statue itself, which is adjacent to a church, was fully repaired in 2010 – 2011. Local residents and children who attend the nearby elementary and preschool expressed great interest in renovation of the statue and pledged to help with the work. (...more)

Mšeno - Pšovka – Kokořín Beautification Society – Brusná Wooden Folklore Chapel

project There is an unusual wooden chapel along the hiking trail from Mšeno at the pod Drnclíkem intersection, where the trail connects to the E10 pan-European hiking high road. The chapel was probably built in the latter half of the 19th century. (...more)

Otovice - Omnium civic association – Renovation of a Column with a Statue of the Virgin Mary in Velká Vsi u Broumova

project We also supported an application submitted by residents of Velká Vsi u Broumova, who seek to restore a column with a statue of the Virgin Mary. Broumov is part of the former Sudetenland and the restoration is intended a symbolical remembrance of the region’s former inhabitants. (...more)

Pec pod Sněžkou - Město Pec pod Sněžkou – Chapel on Přední Výsluní

Breathing new life into a chapel in the municipality of Velká Úpa is the dream of the municipality as well as local residents. The chapel still serves as a pilgrimage destination and as a gathering place for local residents, who visit the chapel and decorate it on religious holidays. (...more)

Lestkov - Pomozme si sami (Let’s Help Ourselves) civic association - Revitalization of Crosses of Horní Vísky

project A group of several dozen adults and children in the municipality of Lestkov seek to repair four crosses in the nearby but extinct municipality of Horní Vísky. For the past two years they have run a children’s camp where the children act as stewards of this site, cleaning it up and improving it, thus building a bond to it and developing an understanding of its history and related issues. (...more)

Radkov - Radkov civic association – Renovation of the Gravestone of Anton Skrbenský

project The Radkov cemetery contains a number of gravestones of notable aristocratic families which were active in the Opava region from the mid-1800s to the mid-20th century. Most of the gravestones are registered as cultural monuments. (...more)

Milejovice - REGIO POŠUMAVÍ – Revitalization of a Chapel and Spring in the Wall of House No. 18 in Milejovice

project Local residents joined forces with the town hall to restore a chapel and well embedded in the wall of a house in Milejovice in South Bohemia that is dedicated to St. John Nepomuk. (...more)

Tvrdonice - Tvrdonice Beautification Society – Renovation of the Cross of Františka Michalová in Tvrdonice

project Residents in Tvrdonice hope to restore a cross that commemorates a local “nunnery” and the work of the nuns of the Third Order. They believe that restoring this monument is a unique opportunity to keep history alive and improve the appearance of the surrounding park and townscape. (...more)

Chroustov - Municipality of Úhlejov – Revitalization of a Wayside Cross in the Municipality Chroustov

project Inspired by citizen appeals, the town of Chroustov decided to restore this wind-damaged wayside cross monument to its original condition. After a professional team completes the technical restoration work on the statue itself, volunteers from the community will help improve the surrounding area and build a protective fence. (...more)

Vroutek - Budíček (Little Alarm Clock) civic association - Restoration of an Austrian-Hungarian Officer’s Gravestone Dating from 1840

project A group of young people born and raised in Vroutek decided to do something about the sorry state of the Church of St. John the Baptist and adjacent German cemetery, which had been damaged after World War II and later abolished. The young people are capable of managing most of the work themselves, with the help of local residents. (...more)

Císařský u Šluknova - Small Monuments of Northern Bohemia – Revitalization of a Chapel in Císařský u Šluknova

project We also lent a helping hand to a group in the town of Císařský u Šluknova, a typical community in the former Sudetenland. The group seeks to repair an alcove chapel which fell into disrepair after World War II. After the chapel is restored, a pastor will consecrate it and local residents will assume responsibility for further maintenance. (...more)

Merboltice - Merboltice Neighborhood Association – Revitalization of Calvaries below Zaječí Peak in Merboltice

project In Merboltice in the Ústí nad Labem region, local people came together to revitalize and replant a calvary area beneath the Zaječí Peak. In 2014 they asked for help in restoring the calvaries. (...more)

Vizovice - Janův hrad Vizovice civic association – Renovation of the Underground Section of a Well at Jan Castle

project On the other end of the Czech Republic, in Vizovice in Northern Moravia, local residents are saving an 18th century well in the Jan castle complex. Operational until 1990, the well was later neglected and fell into disrepair. (...more)

Vrchlabí - Healthy Krkonoše Mountains - Revitalization of a Cross and the Surrounding Area in Vrchlabí

project Citizens in the town of Vrchlabí seek to restore a dilapidated cross monument dating from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, revitalize the surrounding area and install an information board about the monument’s history. (...more)

Šumperk - Little Spider Web

project Students of the technical college and industrial high school in Šumperk held an exhibit and auction of photographs they had taken with children from a nearby children’s home. The bidders, who consisted of students and school employees, donated a total of CZK 7,987, which was subsequently matched by Via.


Jablonné v Podještědí - My View from Jablonné

project The St. Zdislav Center, a civic association in Jablonne v Podještědi, developed the project My View from Jablonne to improve relationships in the community and people’s perception of public space. (...more)

Moravská Ostrava - Scholarships for Talented Students

The Ostrava-Opava regional charity used a grant from the Mr. and Mrs. Hora Fund to provide scholarships to three talented students: a future doctor, an educator and a classical singer. None of the three students would be able to pursue their studies without financial aid.


Praha 5 - On the Plain Park

project Prague 5 residents united in the civic association Friends of Malvazinek saved On the Plain Park, which was slated to disappear under proposed new development. The development project rested on questionable government agency decisions and continued because of Prague 5 district assembly members’ inertia. (...more)

Ústí nad Orlicí - The Pearl of Ústí


Organization: SPOUSTI – Syndicate for Organic Ústí Town: Ústí nad Orlicí Region: Pardubice Region

For several years, the association SPOUSTI has sought to make Ústí nad Orlicí a great place to live. One of the SPOUSTI’s key activities is an initiative focused on a former textile factory – Pearl – that is located in the center of the town and is currently dilapidated and unused.


Praha Suchdol - Pink Bikes

project We Live Here is a civic association born out of two high
school students’ enthusiasm in spring 2012. With a Community
Development Fund grant, they are continuing
to involve Prague Suchdol residents in public space
activities and exploring ways to engage students from
the Suchdol-based Czech Agricultural University. (...more)

Strmilov - A beautiful place to live

project Strmilov is a small town of 1,445 residents in southern Bohemia. Teenagers in the town wanted a dirt bike park and a pars fitness course; VIA provided the tools to plan, design and build it. (...more)

Praha 3 - Krejcárek community garden

project My Activity is a civic association whose main priority is providing quality free time activities for adults, youth and children in the Prague 3 area. My Activity was awarded a grant in VIA’s “The Community in Which We Live” program to engage the broader community in a planning and design process for part of the association’s property. (...more)

Nebovidy - Give back the Village green to Nebovidy

project The dominant landmark of the central Bohemian village of Nebovidy is a formidable fortress. In centuries past the adjacent village green served as the community’s natural center, and together, these two sites defined Nebovidy. However, the village green lost its central role and character through insensitive architectural interventions during the 20th century. (...more)

Chyšky - Revitalization of the Chyšky Village Sqouare

project Some years ago, when residents of the village of Chyšky came together to build a rectory in DIY style, they created a community gathering place and elevated local interest about public affairs. They then channeled this energy into a new civic association Naše Chyšecko (Our Chyšky region), which seeks to sustainably develop the village while preserving its cultural heritage.

Velvary - Malovarský Pond in Velvary

project Blockheaded (Natvrdli) is a civic association founded eight years ago in the town of Velvary, where it focuses on improving the quality of life. The area around the Malovarsky Lake, known locally as Malvaňak, used to be a popular recreation area but gradually fell into disrepair. (...more)

Praha 5 - Cooks without a Home

project The Prague-based non-profit organization Homelike, o. p. s. strives to connect two seemingly segregated groups of people: homeless people and the rest of the public. (...more)

katastr obce Slatinky, okres Prostějov - Kosíř Fruit Orchards

project The Czech Union of Nature Preservationists (ČSOP) Iris regional association engages the public and school groups in events such as Earth Day. It also cares for more than 20 protected natural areas and 15 localities with natural-value status. (...more)

Praha 7 - Prague 7 referendum


In Prague 7, for example, a group of citizens refused to accept the local council’s decision to spend over CZK 1 billion (USD 42 million) on a new town hall, arguing that the investment was overpriced and calling for a referendum to set a maximum price limit. A Fast Grant of USD 1,100 enabled the group to print flyers and posters and, following the campaign, a sufficient number of local residents signed the petition for a referendum.


Mikulov - Revitalization of Lázenské náměstí in Mikulov

project In 2012, two young landscape architects led neighbors in revitalization of Lázenské náměstí in Mikulov. This public square had been one hub of the local Jewish community up until WWII and includes the traditional mikva baths. (...more)

Nové Sedlice - Social Cohesion Area (Areál soudržnosti)

project In 1998, the municipality of Nové Sedlice separated from the Štítina village. The football field and its surroundings is the only public space in the municipality. The new local authority’s goal is to improve the atmosphere and interpersonal relations in the village through open communication and collaboration between the local authority and citizens with the local societies. Therefore, it was very important for the municipality to start community planning, involving the citizens in the decision-making concerning the future development of their village. (...more)

Nadějkov - The opened garden opens souls, hearts and eyes

project The main purpose of the Embellishing Society for Nadějkov and its Neighbourhood is, among other things, to smarten up the region and to protect the environment. All the activities are done with the effort to involve the general public: the citizens are drawn into active decision-making and collaboration. This hold true also in the project of transformation of the presbytery garden located between the church and the presbytery in the western part or the square in the middle of the South-Bohemian village of Nadějkov. (...more)

Francova Lhota - Oasis of Peace (Oáza klidu) in Francova Lhota

project The municipality of Francova Lhota is located in the Senice river valley in the western part of Javorník, at the border with the Slovak Republic. Several non-profit organizations and societies are active in the village, making the social life rather colourful. These societies make it possible for the local citizens to collaborate well with the municipality. Owing to the new “Oasis of Piece”, a project took place in Francova Lhota that involved the local public in the municipality development. The locals built a relax zone near the community house, which acquired the name “Špuntov” during the project implementation. (...more)

Plasy - Community and relaxation spot in Plasy

project The renovation of the park before the building of the Vocational School in Plasy is the logical result of the efforts to follow the recent history of the place. The school building near the plot is built in functionalistic style of the 1930’, the park with its potential to become the natural centre of one of the municipality quarters was hitherto unused. The Academic Top (Akademický vršíček) citizen association, active at the school, organizes the students’ parents, former students and teachers, who gladly assisted in the renovation of the park and its transformation to a community and relaxation spot in Plasy.

Chříč - “Křic” spot – green light for Chříč

project In the past, a small pub was closed in the Chříč municipality, leaving the local village square with the park the only place for gatherings and cultural and community events organizing. The square, located in the very centre of the village, acquired its unflattering image in the 1970’ during the event “the village catches up with the town”. The original picturesque village square was formed by a big pond with greenery, old pub and several weekenders’ cottages; then, the community house replaced the pub, which, on being finished, proved to be too big and was never properly used. (...more)

Veselí nad Lužnicí - Renewal of the Valy Cross in South Bohemia

project The village Val is situated near the town of Veselí nad Lužnicí. Local village people and Union of Scouts reconstruceted a toppled stone base of a cross that was erected already in 1764. Survivors remember that destruction of the cross was caused by a runaway horse who overthrew the monument. (...more)

Brno - Even the Cow Has Its Own Book

project This project aims to promote public interest in literature and highlight the past and present of Brno City with the "site specific" bookcases placed by important places of the city. (...more)

Kroměříž - Vážany - Transporting the dangerous „OTOSAN 2“ to do an old pit at Vážany near Kroměříž

project Local people stood up to the idea of dumping hundreds of thousands tons of dangerous material called OTOSAN 2 to a pit very near residential area.

Brno - Members of the Public "Brnění"

project Through the collection of signatures, the Brnění Civic Association has registered a public representative to represent public interests in the urban planning process of Brno. It has drawn upon the expertise of architects and urban planning experts in formulating their recommendations. (...more)

Praha - How has the Academy helped the Sue Ryder Home? In their own words:

project “The Academy of Social Entrepreneurship was for me, most of all, a self-service market with a highly qualified and friendly staff. The overall market place was very inspirational and the teachers and tutors enthusiastically advised me about all the ‘goods’ on offer that could make my work at the Sue Ryder Home easier and more effective. (...more)

Praha - Portus Prague implemented a project entitled “Production of Marinated Cheese from Slapy”

project Since March 2005, Portus Prague has operated a sheltered workshop in the municipality of Slapy, in which nine mentally disabled people are employed to produce marinated ermine (hermelín) cheese. This small production facility was founded primarily for therapeutic purposes. However, demand for this cheese, a staple of Czech restaurants and pubs, quickly surpassed expectations and attracted great interest. This interest led Portus Prague to consider the further development of the sheltered workshop. (...more)

Velké Losiny - “Renovation of the Chapel of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Pekařov”, organized by the Desná Valley Association.

project Cultural Heritage Does Not Stand Still
The former Sudetenland is an area with a turbulent history of expulsion, resettlement, and uprooted families. Traditions, customs and bonds to the land were replaced by insensitivity, systematic plundering, and apathy. Memory was erased and the formerly self-supporting and vital border area was forgotten. (...more)

Katovice - The “BEZva Katovice Project,” implemented by the Safe and Healthy Community Civic Association.

project After the fall of communism, the small town of Katovice experienced a renaissance in community life. With new freedoms, residents renewed traditions nonexistent under communism: neighbors met for Christmas caroling; a theater group was established; neighbors joined to hold community Easter celebrations. As residents embraced newly available possibilities, Katovice became home to numerous community associations. (...more)

Kostelecké Horky - “The Fate of Horky Soldiers in WWI,” a project of the Society of the House of the Blue Stone in Kostelecké Horky.

project A book lies on the table. On its cover is a studio photograph taken more than ninety years ago. A young man in uniform stares stoically into the camera lens, though his eyes betray a glimmer of youthful pride. On the corner of the photograph is written simply the words: “Died in battle in Italy, November 1, 1916, age 19 ½.” (...more)

Tvarožná Lhota - Service Trees, Mulberries and Us – for the promotion and utilization of old wood species in the Slovacko region

project The INEX-SDA Civil Association in Kostelecké Horky and in Tvarožná Lhota in the Moravian region of Slovácko is focused on reviving local events, traditional customs and handicrafts. Together with the local community, they plant trees, harvest herbs for use in traditional drinks, and care for marshes and wetlands of the region. (...more)

Chrudim - ”The Considerate Little Bug,” a project of the Chrudim Mama Club Do you know the story? “The sun was inching towards the west and the little buglet was just getting up.”

project This is how Jan Karafiát’s classic children’s book, “The Little Bugs,” begins. A book that was read back when there were still horse drawn carriages in the streets, planes had not yet begun to fly and telephones had not yet been invented. Time moves on and now children are caught up in their mobile telephones, computers and televisions, while the allure of nature take a backseat. (...more)

Týn nad Vltavou - The Via Foundation and the Česká spořitelna Foundation Support Clubs for At-risk Children and Youth.

project “Music Studio,” a project implemented by the Týn nad Vltavou Parish Charity – BONGO Social Services Center


Brankovice - The Roman Catholic Parish of Brankovice implemented the project “Preservation of the Saint’s Spring.”

project The Saint’s Spring in Brankovice has been a favorite destination for local residents for as long as anyone can remember. The scene is idyllic: in a small clearing in the woods of eastern Moravia, an ancient linden tree casts shade upon a small chapel locals know as U svaté. Beneath the chapel flows a spring whose waters are said to heal all maladies. The chapel dates to 1704 according to records, but locals say that the spring’s miraculous properties have been known for far longer. (...more)

Doksy - Mšeno

There is an unusual wooden chapel along the hiking trail from Mšeno at the pod Drnclíkem intersection, where the trail connects to the E10 pan-European hiking high road. The chapel was probably built in the latter half of the 19th century. (...more)

Frýdlant - The statue of St. Mary Magdalen in Větrov u Frýdlant

project On a quiet path in the forest near the Polish border, a statue holds its mysteries silent. The origin of the statue of St. Mary Magdalen between the villages of Větrov and Frýdlant in northern Bohemia is unknown: who created this? what is the significance of where it is placed? The Frýdlant Monuments Board and a group of local volunteers work to unravel and preserve its history. (...more)

Potštát - The Potštát Chapel

project Over 700 years ago, German miners founded the town of Potštát on Eastern Moravia’s Jesenik lowlands. Tucked beneath the Oderské Mountains, Potštát grew into a market town drawing Czech, Slovak, and Wallachian immigrants. In 1781, Potštát’s residents consecrated a stone and mortar chapel to replace the original wooden church that had served their town for years. This chapel is still in use today. (...more)

Bohumín - Restoration of the Cholera Graveyard Chapel by the Maryška Association

project Regard for the past is connected to what awaits us in the future. If we lose our past, the path to the future ceomes clear. The age in which we now live is like a depleted memory. Local shops have been replaced by huge supermarkets, roads traveled for centuries have been severed by highways. For this reason, we owe our gratitude to people who seek out to revive the collective memories of the places in which we live; those who have come to realize that if we lose ”trace” of our ancestors, a gap will develop that nothing will be able to fill. (...more)

Jeseník - The Adéla, Flóra and Adolf Springs

project In first half of the 19th century, the farmer, folk healer and founder of modern hydrotherapy, Vincenc Priessnitz, established a health spa not far from the town of Jeseník. There are dozens of small historical monuments scattered throughout the area, many of which were built in gratitude by the patients of the spa. The extensive number of these historical objects is an apt memorial to this famous native. Included among them are the Adéla, Flóra and Adolf springs, which were used for medical purposes as a part of the spa treatment. (...more)

Bruntál - Club for Old Bruntál – Wooden cross commemorating victims of the plague, 13,500 CZK

project The cross was erected in the 19th century in the memory of the victims of the plague. The cross formerly stood in the town center, but is now located in a small residential area on a frequented footpath. The Association repaired the cross and the area around it and installed a plaque with information about smaller monuments throughout the town of Bruntál. (...more)

Dolní Kralovice - The Libčice Chapel

project The small chapel with its belfry, dating from the year 1937, is the only reminder of the town of Libčice, which in the 1970’s was submerged in the construction of the Želivka – Švihov water reservoir. The town’s inhabitants were evacuated and all the buildings were destroyed, with the exception of the small chapel. (...more)

Kozojedy - Municipality of Kozojedy – Restoration of a chapel in Brána, 65,000 CZK

project The small chapel stands on the edge of the village right on the side of the road. It was most likely first erected in the 19th century by the owner of the neighboring land. While for many years, the descendents of the property and the villagers cared for the monument, it was abandoned in the early part of this decade for lack of resources. (...more)

Holany - Municipality of Holany – Renovation of small cultural monuments, 70,000 CZK

project Several smaller monument located in the district of Holany are considered important as endangered examples of the local folk-art craftsmanship and traditions. The project supported by the Via Heritage Fund focused on the restoration of seven small monuments from the 18th and 19th century – including a small chapel and cross.

Hněvnice - The Chapel in Hněvnice

project For the chapel in the Western Bohemian town of Hněvnice, its very existence was dependent upon its timely renovation. Over twenty years ago, it had already been considered unrecoverable due to its dilapidated state and had been removed from the list of protected monuments. Nevertheless, in 2004, the Hněvnice town chapel was brought back to life. The rescue mission was undertaken by the Association for the Renewal of the Hněvnice Township, who received a grant of $ 3,170 from the Czech Heritage Society for the renovation of this small sacral monument. (...more)

Olbramov - The Statue of St. Dominik

project In Lestkov, there are a series of small monuments that are gradually being reconstructed by the Helping Ourselves Association, working in cooperation with the local government and the Roman Catholic church. Among them is also a public fountain in the town, which was damaged by an American army jeep at the end of WWII, and finally removed in the 1950’s. In its place, there are plans to build a new public fountain. Another of the small monuments in Lestkov is the statue of St. Dominik, which was reconstructed with the help of $ 3,300 from the Via Heritage Fund in 2004. (...more)

Budišov nad Budišovkou - Baroque Column Ecce Homo, 40,000 CZK

project The Baroque Plague Column was originally erected at the town Dvorce’s entrance during the time of the plague in order to warn travelers not to enter, helping Dvorce avoid contamination in the 18th century epidemic. After 1945 however, the column fell into disrepair. In 2002, the Vlastenecký pouník Civic Association succeeded in raising enough money for its restoration. (...more)

Broumov - The City of Broumov implemented the project, “Our Garden 2007.”

project Following World War II, the small town of Broumov became a near-ghost town virtually overnight. Of the town’s prewar population of just over 23,000 people, 22,000 were forcibly displaced. This essentially destroyed that which war had not: the displacement of 95% of Broumov’s residents severed nearly all community life, a legacy Broumov’s current population of 8000 is struggling to overcome. (...more)

Česká Čermná - A Spring Day in Česká Čermná

project Walking into the room, the first thing that we saw were colorful drawings showing swing sets, merry-go-rounds, dozens of v-shaped birds in the air, and on one, something that looked curiously like an igloo. (...more)

Lužná - “Lužná Intersection,” a project implemented by the Lokomotiva Lužná Sports Club.

project Lužná consists of two districts about one kilometer apart. Though that distance may seem small, as town residents admit, there was no real sense of unity between the two parts of the village. (...more)

Unhošť - “Playground Full of Life” by the Unhošť Chapter of the Czech Red Cross

project Of Unhošťs 3,500 inhabitants, almost 1,000 are children. With so many children in the town, three local mothers – Marcela Jurková, Lenka Jansová and Monika Beličková – were frustrated that the town had no safe and clean space for kids to play. Instead of simply complaining about the problem, the three women decided to take action. (...more)

Praha - The “Are We Open?” Civic Association Culture-Arts Program

project Despite a complicated project title – “The Culture-Arts Program in Vesmírna, the Cafe with a Work-Training Program for People with Mental and Combined Handicaps” – rest assured that the program itself is neither complicated nor difficult to understand. To find out for yourself, all you must do is stop by the café, order something from the staff who work here, enjoy the artwork adorning the walls and let time flow… Or you can join one of the workshops or see a performance – whatever you do, you won’t leave disappointed and you might even learn something new! (...more)
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