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The safety and well-being of the environment is not merely a national issue nor can it be an isolated issue for one community. The interconnectedness of our ecosystem dictates that the environment is a transnational issue turning all nations into a single community.

Although the issue is global in scope, means to address environmental challenges can be effectively established on the local level. The Via Foundation supports community initiatives focused on the protection and revitalization of the environment in Central Europe.

The past 16 years have witnessed a drastic improvement of the environment in the Czech Republic. Where once, the communist government would routinely advise parents to keep their children indoors due to the hazardous air quality, locally-initiated controls have successfully improved conditions so that now individuals may enjoy such a basic freedom as clean air. Via strives to build upon this type of success promoting local organizations working toward a healthier, cleaner future.

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Praha 5 - On the Plain Park

project Prague 5 residents united in the civic association Friends of Malvazinek saved On the Plain Park, which was slated to disappear under proposed new development. The development project rested on questionable government agency decisions and continued because of Prague 5 district assembly members’ inertia. (...more)

Praha 7 - Prague 7 referendum


In Prague 7, for example, a group of citizens refused to accept the local council’s decision to spend over CZK 1 billion (USD 42 million) on a new town hall, arguing that the investment was overpriced and calling for a referendum to set a maximum price limit. A Fast Grant of USD 1,100 enabled the group to print flyers and posters and, following the campaign, a sufficient number of local residents signed the petition for a referendum.


Kroměříž - Vážany - Transporting the dangerous „OTOSAN 2“ to do an old pit at Vážany near Kroměříž

project Local people stood up to the idea of dumping hundreds of thousands tons of dangerous material called OTOSAN 2 to a pit very near residential area.

Brno - Members of the Public "Brnění"

project Through the collection of signatures, the Brnění Civic Association has registered a public representative to represent public interests in the urban planning process of Brno. It has drawn upon the expertise of architects and urban planning experts in formulating their recommendations. (...more)
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