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Community Development

Helping others and caring for the surrounding environment are natural and spontaneous reactions in communities, towns, and cities that have been stirred to active community life.

Under 40 years of communism, this simply was not possible. Where once active nonprofit organizations worked to meet the needs of their communities, the communist government confiscated nonprofit assets and restricted all private initiative. To exert control, the government forced individuals to become dependent upon the state – the government, communists asserted, would take care of all needs. Nonprofit organizations were simply viewed as too dangerous to communist authority to be allowed to exist.

Since the fall of communism, the nonprofit environment in the Czech Republic has been reborn. Today, the Czech Republic is once again witness to individuals working together for the betterment of their community. The concept of private action for public good is once again seen as necessary in the establishment of a healthy community.

For this reason, the Via Foundation financially supports publicly beneficial projects that have been developed on the initiative of and in cooperation with local nonprofit organizations and local residents. This can include the revitalization of public spaces, nourishing youth assisting an at-risk group in the community, or support for effective, successful charity. All of which serve to strengthen and preserve the bonds of community that are necessary to a healthy society.

To support Via’s Environmental Program, please click on “Donate Now” and type “Community Development” in the Designation Field.

Ústí nad Orlicí - The Pearl of Ústí


Organization: SPOUSTI – Syndicate for Organic Ústí Town: Ústí nad Orlicí Region: Pardubice Region

For several years, the association SPOUSTI has sought to make Ústí nad Orlicí a great place to live. One of the SPOUSTI’s key activities is an initiative focused on a former textile factory – Pearl – that is located in the center of the town and is currently dilapidated and unused.


Praha Suchdol - Pink Bikes

project We Live Here is a civic association born out of two high
school students’ enthusiasm in spring 2012. With a Community
Development Fund grant, they are continuing
to involve Prague Suchdol residents in public space
activities and exploring ways to engage students from
the Suchdol-based Czech Agricultural University. (...more)

Brno - Even the Cow Has Its Own Book

project This project aims to promote public interest in literature and highlight the past and present of Brno City with the "site specific" bookcases placed by important places of the city. (...more)

Katovice - The “BEZva Katovice Project,” implemented by the Safe and Healthy Community Civic Association.

project After the fall of communism, the small town of Katovice experienced a renaissance in community life. With new freedoms, residents renewed traditions nonexistent under communism: neighbors met for Christmas caroling; a theater group was established; neighbors joined to hold community Easter celebrations. As residents embraced newly available possibilities, Katovice became home to numerous community associations. (...more)

Kostelecké Horky - “The Fate of Horky Soldiers in WWI,” a project of the Society of the House of the Blue Stone in Kostelecké Horky.

project A book lies on the table. On its cover is a studio photograph taken more than ninety years ago. A young man in uniform stares stoically into the camera lens, though his eyes betray a glimmer of youthful pride. On the corner of the photograph is written simply the words: “Died in battle in Italy, November 1, 1916, age 19 ½.” (...more)
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