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Corporate Giving Seminars

Corporate Giving Seminars

Partnership between corporations and nonprofit organizations is rapidly growing in the Czech Republic for one simple reason: as corporations increasingly engage communities through cooperation with nonprofit organizations, everyone benefits. The Via Foundation promotes the strengthening of cooperation between for-profit and nonprofit enterprises to work toward the very basis of a strong democracy - that private action for the public benefit is necessary to build a healthy community.

Via organizes seminars to discuss the topic of charitable giving in an effort to bring international donor and philanthropy know-how to the Czech Republic. These discussions are typically held at the Woodrow Wilson Center in partnership with the US Embassy in Prague. We thank the many presenters and attendees of our seminars for making this program a success.

Please check back for the time and date of our next seminar!

Examples of Past Seminar Topics:

Philanthropy as an Investment into Building Corporate Brand Value Corporate Giving: Strategies, Methods and Communication Opportunities Corporate Giving and the Media: How it Works Corporate Social Responsibility and the Media The Role of the Communication Agency in Corporate Giving The Social Responsibility of Businesses and the Media Sponsoring and Philanthropy - Comprehensively and in Context Venture Philanthropy: Corporate Giving as a Venture Capital Investment

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