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February 2012: the first Regional Meeting in Slovakia



The 1st Regional Meeting of ViabilityNet organizations took place at the begining of February 2012 in Pezinok, Slovakia. The PDCS team organized a 3 and a half days long session that revolved around the theme of Leadership and Generation Change.

One whole afternoon was dedicated to discovering some of the local civil society organizations: Mamatataja, Bratislavská komunitná nadácia, REVIA - Malokarpatská komunitná nadácia and Dotyk.

The core part of the program was a seminar with speakers from Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. It was followed by a World Café session where members of Viability and invited guests were able to explore the topics further. The seminar was streamed on-line and a transcript of the ensuing debates is available for download here.

The member organizations also took time to talk about their plans for organizational development and launched a discussion about the future of ViabilityNet that will continue throghout the next 1,5 years.

For more information on the program, please visit this website.

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