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T-Mobile Czech Republic a. s., established with the Via Foundation the T-Mobile Fund, which supports local development and community social services in the regions of Prague 11 and Hradec Králové. The T-Mobile Fund for the region of Louny is administered by the Elbe Euroregion Community Foundation.


T-Mobile Fund for Hradec Králové
The Project: Children for Children Arts Workshops, organized by the Dialogue Civic Association in Hradec Králové.

Creativity is also a Dialogue

These days, we seem to continually hear the word “dialogue” – leaping at us from newspapers, resounding from television, and reverberating in the speeches of politicians. They all speak about the need for dialogue in the family, between nations, religions, across social and ethnic groups. The dictionary defines “dialogue” as a conversation between two or more people, from the Greek “dia logos” meaning through words, talk. Dialogue is a bridge by which you can often reach a completely different world – people who enter into a dialogue should not only understand each other, but should also be mutually offering something – information, advice, inspiration – in return.

In the Hradec-Králové-based Dialogue Civic Association, who works with disadvantaged children, the above-mentioned “rules for dialogue” are observed in every way. One good example is the project Children for Children, in which the association brings nearly a dozen leading artists (such as the sculptor and Academy professor Kurt Gebauer) into a three-way “dialogue” with children and students from the Special School for the Hearing Impaired in Hradec Králové, and mothers and children who are victims of domestic violence and temporarily living in a Hradec Charity sheltered house.

Working together, the artists and deaf children created a Noah's ark teeming with merry animals, colorful figures and hanging objects on the formerly austere, almost barracks-like walls of the sheltered house common room. The floor sports a new carpet and the children's safety railing, new wicker padding.

The result – a cheerful and bright space – is unique. Even more important is that which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Over the bridge of dialogue, creativity has helped to bring different worlds together, in order that they understand, inspire, and give a helping hand to each other.


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