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Mr. and Mrs. Hora

The Mr. and Mrs. Hora Fund to Aid Children in Carpathian Ukraine

Owing to a generous gift by Marie and Vaclav Hora from Prague, the Via Foundation has set up the Mr. and Mrs. Hora Fund to Aid Children in Carpathian Ukraine.

Mrs. Marie Hora grew up in Sub-Carpathian Ukraine and moved to Prague in 1937. Her life in Prague has been dedicated to working with clubs and societies that help to preserve the cultural traditions of the region and provide general aid to her compatriots - particularly to children. The decision to establish a donors fund with the Via Foundation to help children from this region is just another example of the life-long work of the Horas.

Suported Project

Focus of the Fund:

education, development and personal growth of children from the Sub Carpathian Ukraine.

“During our life together, my husband and I both worked and we saved bit by bit. After a long time, we bought a family house on Bila Hora where we lived content and happy. We recently sold the house, but with the condition that we can continue to live there to the end of our lives. And so now we have money - but what should we do with it?

Suported project

Both of us are already getting on in years and not in good health. We decided to establish, through the VIA Foundation, the Mr. And Mrs. Hora Fund to help impoverished children in the Sub-Carpathian Ukraine region. Our wish is that the resources from the fund help children in the districts of Volovec and Mižhir. I myself come from this area and I know how the children there live and the difficulties they face. This is why my husband and I decided to give money to this specific cause.”

- Marie Horová-Mišanič, June 2006

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