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The VIA Foundation

”Building the Future, One Community at a Time„

The Via Foundation assists people who have taken the initiative to create positive change in their communities. (...more)


10/06/2015 - This year the VIA BONA Philanthropy Awards recognized efforts to help the homeless and a bequest

Prague, October 6 – For the 18th year in a row, VIA Foundation recognized individuals and companies which help change their communities by giving their time, skills or money. VIA Foundation announced the winners of the 2015 VIA BONA Philanthropy Awards in eight categories. (...more)

09/29/2015 - Pre-auction exhibition

VIA Foundation cordially invites you to our pre-auction exhibition opening on October 5, 2015 at Nová galerie, Balbínova 26, Prague 2.

09/25/2015 - Via Foundation presents stories of philanthropy that are changing the Czech Republic

Prague, September 3 – VIA Foundation announced the VIA BONA Philanthropy Award finalists. Independent juries selected three finalists in each of this year’s seven award categories. VIA Foundation also announced two program innovations: a new award category called the Award for a Bequest, and online public voting. (...more)

08/05/2015 - How Fast Grants Are Helping to Change the Czech Republic

With a supermarket slated for its downtown area, Starý Plzenec seemed destined to become another Czech town dominated by centrally located big box development. But a local non-profit organization spoke up, asking for a citizen referendum on the decision since it could fundamentally change the townscape. (...more)

02/17/2015 - Help us support hands-on stewardship through our new matching challenge!

Pomozme si sami (Let’s Help Ourselves) civic association - Revitalization of Crosses of Horní Vísky VIA has just received a generous challenge grant for cultural heritage in 2015. If we and our donors are able to reach our fundraising goal of $47,000, we will receive a grant of $24,000 to add to cultural heritage support. Please join us in cultural heritage preservation in the Czech Republic by donating online. (...more)

12/02/2014 - The 8th Annual VIA Foundation Charitable Auction raised a record CZK 2,100,200

The 8th Annual VIA Foundation Charitable Auction A total of CKZ 2,100,200 was raised for charitable projects at the 8th Annual VIA Foundation and South Moravian Community Foundation Charitable Auction, which was held on November 26, 2014 at the Hotel Marriott Prague. (...more)

11/12/2014 - The Annual Report of 2013

Annual Report of 2010 Dear friends, the Annual Report of 2013 was published on our website. You can find there many interesting information about the activities of our foundation and all the supported projects from last year.
Compared to last years' versions has been subjected the changes and we hope that changes for the better. Enjoy the reading! (...more)

12/20/2013 - From all of us at Nadace Via – The Via Foundation, Merry Christmas and we wish you all the best in the New Year.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in all that we work to accomplish!
Merry Christmas!!!

12/20/2012 - We wish you all the best for the upcoming year: May 2013 open up a world of opportunities and fulfilled dreams for you.

Yours, Via Foundation
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