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Create a Fund

Creating a fund at the Via Foundation is an easy, flexible way to meet your goals in charitable giving. Have you been considering establishing a private foundation? Having a fund at Via is similar to doing this, but it is much easier for you.

Creating a fund with Via eliminates much of the work involved in your philanthropy. Not everyone has the time to dedicate to establishing and running a private foundation. With Via, you have no need to hire staff, navigate through the bureaucracy, and monitor projects as you would with a private foundation. We handle the time-consuming aspects of your philanthropy so that you may focus on what’s important to you: the act of giving and the realization that your generosity makes a significant difference.

The establishment of a fund is the creation of a partnership between you and the Via Foundation. We are here to reflect your interests and to ensure your philanthropy has the maximum possible effect. You and our experienced staff will work together in a way that is most appropriate for you.

Via offers the following choices to help make your philanthropic goals a reality:

Named Funds: Named Funds are linked to the wish of their donor, who determines the fund’s name and area of interest, while the Via Foundation hadles all the administration.

Field of Interest Fund: A Field of Interst Fund gathers contributions from multiple donors, allowing Via to conduct grant rounds that would otherwise not be possible with smaller individual gifts. In this way, donors can make a contribution towards larger important projects even through smaller gifts. The Via Foun dation invites donors to contribute to the following field of interest funds:

  • Community Development Fund
  • Environment Fund
  • Youth Fund
  • Cultural Heritage Fund

Czech Community Permanent Fund: Gifts to the Czech Community Permanent Fund are an investment into the Via Foundation. This fund is the core capital of the foundation from which we draw only upon the interest to provide grants to nonprofits in the Czech Republic and improve Via’s organizational development.

Designated Fund: A Designated Fund allows donors to support a specific organization or project that they select. The Via Foundation administers the entire process and monitors the use of the gift.

For more information, please send an email to, or call us at +420 233 113 370.

Last updated: 04/13/2015
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